Undergraduate Students

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Yale Undergraduate, Class of 2018

Noah grew up outside of Las Vegas, Nevada and is currently majoring in Chemistry. He is excited to be working in the Spiegel Lab and he plans on attending medical school or pursuing an MD/PhD after graduation. In his free time, Noah enjoys reading, playing cards, and dancing, despite his roommates’ complaints. 

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Yale undergraduate, class of 2021
Angela is from Lexington, Massachusetts and is a prospective Chemistry major. She became interested in chemical biology after unexpectedly purchasing a book about drug development, and is excited to work in the Spiegel Lab. She is thinking about attending medical school or pursuing a MD/PhD after college. When not in class or lab, Angela enjoys music, baking, and sleeping. 
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Yale undergraduate, class of 2019
Seungjung is from South Korea, but has lived in Amman, Jordan, since middle school. She is a chemistry major at Yale, and is thinking about going into med school or Ph.D. in chemistry after a couple gap years. Outside of chemistry, she enjoys taking art history classes, and loves traveling.