Shikha Kumari

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Shikha was born in Delhi, India, and raised there. As a B.S. graduate, she graduated from the University of Delhi, India, and earned an M.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry from Banasthali University. She received a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences from ACBR, University of Delhi, India, where she designed, synthesized, and developed novel heterocyclic compounds against neurological disorders and cancer. Throughout her career, she has gained expertise in a variety of fields related to drug discovery, pharmacology, and drug development. Following her doctoral studies, she pursued postdoctoral research at the University of Delhi and the University of Nebraska Medical Center. In 2021, she became a Research Assistant Professor at the University of Toledo. Shikha joined the Spiegel lab as an Associate Research Scientist in December 2022. Here, her research will focus on developing synthetic methods for obtaining large quantities of bifunctional molecules. In developing and implementing novel therapeutic modalities for a variety of human diseases, these molecules are expected to have a significant impact. In her free time, Shikha enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading spiritual texts, gardening, cooking, and traveling.